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Financial Times calls it an indispensible business tool. The Independent calls it a sheer genius for students, a marvelous aid for lawyers and a brilliant accomplice for business meetings.

Welcome to Livescribe, Inc.'s smartpen and smartpen based computing. The range of pens from the stable of Livescribe has received extremely positive critical and commercial reviews across the world. For the first time in India, Twin Data Systems in association with Caretel Networks introduces this smartpen-paper based technology.


Applications on this platform can address a range of issues across a wide variety of industries from sharing classroom lectures in a meaningful way to optimizing workflow in corporate environments, from digitizing physical written data instantaneously to using it as a tool for holding effective meetings across geographies and many more.

The effectiveness of the pen can be evidenced from the wide range of case studies that will be put forth on a periodical basis on this website.
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